Inclusivity and equality is important to our ability to take care of each other and, in turn, our patients. We want every member of our team to feel valued, respected, and heard.

Diversity is not “one size fits all” and can mean different things to different people.

  • Diversity is any dimension used to differentiate groups/people from each other.
  • Diversity is about respecting and appreciating what makes a group/people different from each other, examples most commonly cited include: race, gender/gender identity, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, abilities (i.e. physical, mental, etc.), socio-economic status, and ideologies.

Issues of race, diversity and equality continue to be headlines locally and across our nation.

Andwell’s values are such that they define us in what we believe and stand for. Our values are meant to call us to action to strengthen and improve our patient care and be mindful with each other. Three of our values—integrity, compassion and community—moved us to act and formalize our efforts to establish the Andwell Cultural, Humility, Inclusion + Diversity Committee.

Our focus includes:

  • educating our workforce
  • developing partnerships internally and externally that empower us to grow
  • creating a safe and welcoming environment for all
  • improving our communication and messaging (internally and externally)
  • exploring existing resources that will support maintaining and growing a diverse workforce and patient population

Andwell’s work thus far has included local speakers on LGBTQ+ concerns, social determinants, diversity training, recognizing bias, and inclusivity. We have conducted surveys and challenges to engage our work force around these sometimes difficult topics in fun and non-threatening ways.

We like to say, “that we are on a journey to learn and better understand.” Join us.