We are passionate about delivering the highest quality of care for those we serve, and to make local communities happier and healthier for all.

The goal of our Behavioral Health program is to help individuals and families improve resiliency, wellness, and quality of life. Our team of compassionate and committed behavioral health professionals highly value coordinated and collaborative care. We work with individuals, families, and other supports to produce greater quality of care, reduce unwanted behavioral health symptoms, and increase life satisfaction.


Outpatient Therapy

Andwell Health Partners employs clinically licensed therapists to address behavioral health needs of children, adults, and families. Services are designed to help clients define and reach their goals, and are provided in a variety of confidential settings to include office, school and telehealth. confidential settings. Frequency and length of services will be determined by the client and their clinician, based on the client’s need. Our therapists provide treatments ranging from life adjustments, relationship conflicts, and emotional and behavioral disorders. Services are available to individuals 3 years of age or older, couples, families, and groups. We also provide general diagnostic and Vineland assessments.


Home & Community Support for Adults

We offer home and community support to individuals 18 years old and older, who have been diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder. This service promotes increased independence in the individual’s home or community, based on their needs and the program for which they qualify. Services are practical, interactive and focused on daily living and social needs. Day program services are available at some locations.


Children’s Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management Services (TCM) are available to individuals through the age of twenty (20), who have a behavioral health diagnosis and functional limitations including, but not limited to, behavioral, vocational, educational, social, interpersonal and developmental. Case Managers work as advocates for the client’s needs in all settings. Services are individualized and utilize a multidisciplinary team approach.


Home & Community Treatment for Children

Home & Community Treatment (HCT) is a home-based intervention for families experiencing the challenges of parenting children, through the age of 20, who have a significant behavioral health diagnosis. Licensed clinicians and Behavioral Health Professionals (BHPs) work with families to introduce skills specific to this parenting challenge. HCT works with families to build the structures, supports, and approaches that assist children in their recovery from mental disorders while strengthening families.


Rehabilitative & Community Support

Rehabilitative & Community Support Services (RCS) are available to individuals through the age of twenty (20), who have both a qualifying behavioral health diagnosis and qualifying functional assessment score. Services are provided within the home and in community settings. Through repetition of skill-based interventions, our staff assists clients in skills necessary to become more independent. The goal of RCS is for the client and family to realize their potential by building activities of daily living skills, self-regulation, and social skills.


Veterans Services

We contract with the Veterans Administration (VA) to provide intensive community services and outpatient individual and group counseling. Veteran services are available to qualified veterans through VA referrals. Services are individualized and promote recovery and re-entry.