2019 Community Benefit Report

2019 Community Benefit Report

A message from our President:

Thank you for supporting our “Why”

For those of us who provide services to consumers, particularly in health care, we are often reminded that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Clearly the “what” must be of high quality and value, but the “why” is what most significantly resonates with patients and their families. At Androscoggin Homecare + Hospice (Androscoggin), our “why” is evident in the skilled and compassionate work of our clinical personnel, our support teams, leadership and our volunteers. Our “why” motivates all of us to be our professional best; stimulates resilience in the face of unprecedented challenge; and our “why” compels our patients and health care partners to select Androscoggin time and again as a preferred provider of home healthcare and hospice services. Maine people want and deserve the opportunity to live with a high quality of life regardless of the journey traveled with their health conditions. Doing everything possible to make this happen is our “why.”

I am incredibly proud of the mission at Androscoggin. Frankly, I believe the communities we serve – more than 190 and growing – are overall healthier as a result of our partnerships to promote access to quality health care in the home. Based on the unwavering support of our sponsors and donors, it is clear that thousands of Maine people agree that Androscoggin Home Healthcare + Hospice is an integral fiber in the weave of their respective communities. While the strength of our fiber has been challenged this year, the emotional and financial support demonstrated for the important work we do has reinforced our resolve to never lose sight of our “why.”

For this I am immeasurably grateful.


Ken Albert, RN, Esq.
President & CEO